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Roles and Responsibilities of a Flight Operations Manager

Has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operational control of flights under his/her guidance.
Authorizes, regulates and controls commercial airline flights according to the government and company regulations to expedite and ensure the safety of the flights.
Is responsible for conducting the most economical flights as possible (Minimum cost)
Is responsible for operational control of day to day process
Analyzes and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight
Computes the amount of fuel required for safe completion of flight according to type of aircraft, distance of flight, maintenance limitations, weather conditions, and minimum fuel requirements, prescribed by regulatory bodies.
Prepares flight plans containing information such as maximum allowable take offs and landing weights, weather reports, field conditions,NOTAMS and many other environmental conditions required for the safety of the flights
Prepares flight dispatch release and authorize flight release certificate
Delays or cancels flights if unsafe conditions threaten the safety of aircraft or passengers
Monitors aircrafts position reports , aeronautical navigation charts to evaluate the progress of the flights
Provides inflight updates about any operational changes such as significant weather changes, or any other enroute landing circumstances in the interest of the safety

Department of work

Career opportunities upon completion
Flight ops assistant
Upon minimum completion of two years of work experience in Flight ops department in an Airline candidates will be recommended for airline dispatch course approved by DGCA, upon successful completion of DGCA exam candidates will be issued with license to become flight dispatcher.

Salaries range

Flight ops assistant : 15,000- 25,000 INR
Licensed Dispatcher : 60,000 and above